Shouts out to everyone still protesting in #ferguson. Media might have a lot of you thinking its a black thing.. lower class thing..or some bullshit like that but it really does affect us all. #Policebrutality is getting out of hand and laws have to be set in place to protect citizens. I FOR ONE AM NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE!! As much as I would like to profit off an ass whooping like the next nigga but I know THAT IT AINT ENOUGH MONEY IN THE WORLD THEY COULD GIVE ME FOR BEING BEAT OR MURDERED BY SOME POWER HUNGRY COP(s). #protectthepeople or imma move to a small island with a bag of herb seeds & a chick that doesn’t eat meat






Twerking is not a new thing. These clips are from 1938!

No one, but white people, ever said that twerking was a new thing…

Beautiful as ever

You know… if someone found this video clip, then surely someone can find out what the people in this clip called this dance rather than just declaring it “twerking” to make some kind of political point. History doesn’t work like that.